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 Dole Hill Labradors AKC English Labrador Puppies 

Our family lives in the beautiful small town of Danville, Vermont.

We are Labrador aficionados and breed and show English type Labrador puppies to the AKC standard and recognized AKC colors Black, Yellow and Chocolate. (Yellows Labs can range in shade from a dark reddish to a light cream color.) 

We use only the best Champion show and health tested bloodlines around, and try to breed well rounded Labs that make great family pets, can be shown, do obedience, rally, agility or work in the field if that is what you desire. 

All of our English Lab puppies are raised inside our home with our family so they are well socialized on a daily basis, we also start on basic potty training and crate training while they are here. We breed to improve therefore the sire of the litter is often not our own dog.

We follow the breed standard as set forth by the Labrador Retriever Club.

I breed for myself as a hobby. And only breed when I intend to hold back something for myself. 

We breed mainly black and yellow Lab puppies, but occasionally we will also have a chocolate litter.

As a Labrador breeder I am here for you and my Lab puppies their entire lives.

My Lab puppies must never end up in a shelter unwanted, I will take back any puppy I have produced at any time for any reason.

I strive to make sure every Lab puppy is genetically sound by testing my breeding stock for common Lab ailments as well as hips, elbows and eyes. However these are a Large breed dog with issues in the breed, I will not allow someone to adopt unless they are familiar with these issues. Please research common issues in the Labrador Retriever breed.

While a Lab puppy will fit into many homes a Lab puppy might not fit into every lifestyle and I carefully screen potential homes in hopes that our Lab puppies will live out their entire lives as well cared for family members.

Please research the Labrador Retriever breed and ask questions if you are unsure, especially if you are a first time Lab owner.

We have Lab puppies living all over the New England area- Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey and even further away. 

* My Labs puppies are sold on LIMITED AKC registration to pet/companion homes. We do not sell to show or breeding homes unless prior approval has been made. 

* We do not offer shipping, all puppies must be picked up in person!

* Please do not inquire about a puppy if you are not willing to devote the next 16 years to them, understanding that Labs can take some time to mature.
* AKC registered Labrador Retriever Puppies, Black Lab puppies, Yellow Lab puppies, Chocolate Lab puppies. English in breed type, not American or field type Labs *

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